We’re All Just Lab Rats…


A very brave scientist dove into the Gulf and gave a scary report to CNN from her experience.  The second video is from a very knowledgeable guy who used to be in the pesticide business.  His explanation of Corexit makes it very clear that we’re courting major ecological disaster here, folks, why are we allowing this to go on?  Humans are in as much danger as the sea turtles, the fish and the birds.  Why are we not shooting the spray planes from the sky?  Are the Gulf states already in rigor mortis?  Wake up, please.

The Fab Four of Foraging


Excellent article with good pictures and good advice.  It’s time to get over our brainwashing about not eating wild food.  It’s the stuff that God originally put on this earth for us to eat.  It’s good to know what not to eat, but there are ways of testing a plant for poison.  Muscle-testing is one, and placing a very small amount on your tongue is another.  Waiting a good while for a reaction (20 to 60 min) is an excellent test.  More on that in another article.  I have personally eaten all of these foods many times.  Acorns do require some work, but the flour, after soaking and rinsing, makes nice pancakes and biscuits.  Grass is good and can nourish you very well.  Pine is one of the very best plants you can have around.  The needles contain lots of C, and the blue spruce makes a very nice cure-all tea.  Pine resin has myriad medicinal uses, and turpentine from pine is an amazing cure-all of itself.  Cattails are just great.  If you’re worried about food shortages in the stores, learn to eat wild!

An Interesting Article by J. Speer-Williams

Our “Leaders” Work for the Enemy

Are Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Joe Lieberman all as insane as they look and sound?

In case you have not yet been alerted, the above gang of pretended public servants are either truly insane, or they are working for some source other than that from which they draw their constitutional power.

But then again, the lawmakers in congress who heed Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence – that our government should rule “with the consent of the governed” – are so few as to nullify the good and wise intentions of our founding fathers.

It is the democratic leadership (of Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Lieberman, Frank, and many others) that remains steadfast in its support of the draconian healthcare deformity, known as Obamacare, while recent polls show only 34 percent of those polled still supported the Healthcare “Reform” Act.

Requiring Americans and small businessmen to bear the cost of buying into the expensive, corporate health “care” plans of the Monetary Cartel’s mega-insurance giants, and into the ever-sliding quality of American medicine, all under the pain of huge fines and prison time, does not sit well with most informed Americans and could be the death knell for the American small business class, and our middle class as well.

Never before has our government made it against the law not to make a particular consumer purchase. This is a sign of a central government that has spiraled out of control.

What are tax-paying Americans to do? If we don’t pay our taxes, we are hit with stiff penalties and maybe incarcerated to boot. If we miss a health insurance payment, same thing, a huge fine and jail time could be our fate. But, what about our mortgage payments, our car payments, and food for our children? All these pressures, while Pelosi and her fellow mobsters grossly destroy the value of our money, which sends inflation soaring, starting the big squeeze all over again – even if we are lucky enough to get a pay raise. Thanks to the “progressive” income tax, we’ll pay even more taxes, while the cost of living continues to skyrocket.

And the healthcare “reform” legislation Pelosi and her ilk are proposing could turn out to be the largest tax increase in American history, when even the least informed economist (who has not been bought off) would suggest deeply cutting taxes across the board, especially for small businesses, in order to save our dying middle class.

Obviously, Pelosi and her gang in congress want a two-tiered class system: Them and Us.

And where does most of our income tax money go?

To the International Monetary/Banking Cartel, by way of their US subsidiary, the Federal Reserve System. The Fed has been so unspeakably illegitimate for the last century, that their criminality has become institutionalized, with the support of senators like Dodd, and representatives like Pelosi, and her gaggle of ghouls in the House, who even refuse to have a financial audit of the Fed, or an accounting of our gold in Fort Knox.

Think about the fact that we have US senators and representatives who oppose a financial audit of a front group for secret foreign oligarchs that most of our taxes go to, and who recently got a $700 billion  bonus from the American people. Pelosi, et al., don’t even want to know how our $700 billion has been spent.

Who are these lawmakers working for? Us or them? Or a more critical question is, “Who do you work for, Mr. Obama?”

J. Speer-Williams


More Insanity From the Gulf…

Our source in the Gulf has more snippets of news:

The oil has reached the inland marshlands in Mississippi.

The tar balls that are collected are simply being put in landfills without decontamination.  Local officials who object are silenced.

There is a lot of food tasting going on in one of the Gulf states.  A group of 17 people are tasting the local seafood, checking for oil/chemical taste.  Nobody is swallowing the food and nobody has yet devised a test for detecting Corexit in the food.

The boots that cleanup workers are using are being collected periodically and are sitting around wrapped in duct tape (?).  This suggests a HazMat danger to my friend.  Seems no one knows how to dispose of the oil-soaked boots.

There is so much wrong with all of these situations that it boggles the mind.  Tar balls in landfills, people actually tasting, not testing the food, possible HazMat waste sitting around in duct tape?  Are all the pictures we’ve seen of zombies walking around in a post-nuclear apocalypse coming to pass?  Yikes, Olive Oyl!

VOC Detox Protocols


This is an excellent article, yet it needs a bit of explanation.  There are too many suggestions here for detox, methinks.  One needs to pick a simple protocol and do it to the max, but everybody is different and no one can really tell you what to do. I managed to get a snootful of crop-dusting chemicals while defending my organic garden with every sheet in the house the other day.   I ran to the store and got some charcoal capsules, nose running, throat sore, headachey and queasy.  It fixed me up in no time, but I still have to do a full detox anyway.  I believe that using glutathion, clay and charcoal, ingesting all and bathing in the clay as well, will help.  Kinesiology (muscle-testing) can really assist you here, to find out what your body needs for detox.  The second link below goes to a video with Rebecca Marina demonstrating a simple method of kinesiology for finding good supplements.  Rebecca is a down-to-earth person who really wants to help humanity.  Her EFT videos are great and can help anyone feel better immediately.  The first link below goes to one of Duncan Crow’s information pages.  I have read his posts for many years and have found him to be honest and helpful.  He says that inexpensive whey products can build up glutathion in the body.

There are 2 (of many) inexpensive substances that come to mind for oxidation and glutathion: food grade hydrogen peroxide and cold-processed whey (yes, the body-builders’ friend).  Follow the link below for the “whey” to health:


Follow this link for how to self-test any health issue:


This article can begin your education about Hydrogen Peroxide (food grade only):


There are nut jobs everywhere on the net, but this guy seems sincere.  I’ve never tried this myself, yet,  nor do I know anyone in person who has.  Now, for those of you brave enough (or desperate enough to breathe easier), a very different protocol:




Exit Corexit


Egad.  “They” wouldn’t do that!  Heavens no!  Why haven’t we stopped BP from using Corexit?  We all know what a nasty chemical soup it creates, yet the EPA has done nothing to stop its use.  Why is the cleanup only cosmetic?  Why is our government doing so little, except reacting with more hyperbole?  This article posits a serious theory that only the future will bear out as truth or fiction.  That stinky rat just keeps moving around the Internet.

Another Lie Inverted


Oh, children, we know we told you that the sun would give you skin cancer (what about the tribes in the desert who never get cancer, what about the Aborigines in the Outback who never get cancer, oh well).  Well, maybe we were just a teeny, teeny bit wrong there, trying to sell sunscreen, um, y’all are really lacking the Vitamin D now, uh, duh.

The Dark Star Theory


Well, here we go, heard from another corner of the solar system:  the brown dwarf theory.  I’ve read this before in many other places.  Some call it Planet X, Nibiru and/or the dreaded Wormwood from Revelations.  What makes this theory even plausible is that most mainstream references (like NASA, Hubble, etc.) have been removed from the Internet.  I do remember reading about the erratic orbit of a “new planet” many, many years ago, otherwise this article wouldn’t be here.

Phil’s Stock World: Is America Finished?


A very simple explanation about where the money is, where it went, how and why.  “We been robbed!”, sez Phil.

A Seriously Revolutionary Woman…


Well, I don’t agree with everything here, but there is no arguing that Devvy Kidd is bright and cares about the direction of our country.  She is a staunch Constitutionalist and journalistic rabble-rouser. I don’t know whether to believe her or not, but the article about Halliburton and the oil rig is very compelling.  Is it not also chilling that Halliburton’s mercenary army is called Blackwater?  This could be more than one huge stinky rat.