Well, well, well…


NOT!  Not well at all.  Who is telling the truth here?  The mainstream media talking heads rarely tell the truth, so one must read between the lines.  Not having TV anymore at my house, I can’t do the next thing I advise:  try the theory of opposition.  If someone is telling you to look here at Lindsey Lohan, look in the opposite direction.  What is really going on here?  Is it the end of the USA?  Are we about to get slimed with oily rain, toxic gas clouds and the like?  Is this eventually going to destroy the world if we don’t wake up in time?  What do we do if we DO wake up?  Find out the power of your mind, your spirit!  We can do this; watch this space for more.

3 Responses to “Well, well, well…”

  • Steffie says:

    Clear, ifnoramtive, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

  • Panama says:

    Knowing his time is short he will pour out more of his filth, wickedness and testings beyond anything our minds can imagine. Those testings are now reaching critical mass and we seem to be ignoring it. It will become increasingly difficult for many to distinguish God’s truth from Satan’s lie as the church spirals into moral relativism.

  • Morris Dixon says:

    Humanity does not live in reality, but rather, in sub-reality. People spend most of their time denying the truth, not seeing things for what they actually are. Initially, their intuition may give them the correct interpretation of something. But then, their social conditioning overrides their intuition, molding that thing into what society wants them to think it is. Thus, they are not able to think for themselves or interpret reality correctly. In other words, “reality” is what actually exists and what is actually going on, as opposed to the façade that society has placed over what actually exists and what is actually going on; nor is reality how one interprets something when in a state of psychological denial. For example, when it comes to the government informing the public about something, most people simply assume that their government is telling them the truth. But, IN REALITY, these people have absolutely no idea what is actually going on, and do not want to admit such an obvious fact to themselves! In society, critical issues, such as what the government is really doing behind the scenes, are simply blown off as being non-issues. Very convenient indeed.