The Fab Four of Foraging

Excellent article with good pictures and good advice.  It’s time to get over our brainwashing about not eating wild food.  It’s the stuff that God originally put on this earth for us to eat.  It’s good to know what not to eat, but there are ways of testing a plant for poison.  Muscle-testing is one, and placing a very small amount on your tongue is another.  Waiting a good while for a reaction (20 to 60 min) is an excellent test.  More on that in another article.  I have personally eaten all of these foods many times.  Acorns do require some work, but the flour, after soaking and rinsing, makes nice pancakes and biscuits.  Grass is good and can nourish you very well.  Pine is one of the very best plants you can have around.  The needles contain lots of C, and the blue spruce makes a very nice cure-all tea.  Pine resin has myriad medicinal uses, and turpentine from pine is an amazing cure-all of itself.  Cattails are just great.  If you’re worried about food shortages in the stores, learn to eat wild!

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