More Insanity From the Gulf…

Our source in the Gulf has more snippets of news:

The oil has reached the inland marshlands in Mississippi.

The tar balls that are collected are simply being put in landfills without decontamination.  Local officials who object are silenced.

There is a lot of food tasting going on in one of the Gulf states.  A group of 17 people are tasting the local seafood, checking for oil/chemical taste.  Nobody is swallowing the food and nobody has yet devised a test for detecting Corexit in the food.

The boots that cleanup workers are using are being collected periodically and are sitting around wrapped in duct tape (?).  This suggests a HazMat danger to my friend.  Seems no one knows how to dispose of the oil-soaked boots.

There is so much wrong with all of these situations that it boggles the mind.  Tar balls in landfills, people actually tasting, not testing the food, possible HazMat waste sitting around in duct tape?  Are all the pictures we’ve seen of zombies walking around in a post-nuclear apocalypse coming to pass?  Yikes, Olive Oyl!

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