BP: Beyond Police


Is it not patently illegal to have a corporation paying ANY local police department?  Isn’t it?  It’s fine for the officers themselves to moonlight, but BP is “buying” the local gendarmerie(s)!  I smell a HUGE rat now.  BP detaining reporters and interrogating them?  Why the Gulf Coast?  Why the horrid debacle of Katrina?  “Devvy’s Project” has suggested that our government wants to reduce the load of people who are “on the Dole” via depopulation, any which way they can.  According to her, the largest group of homeless, “wild” and outdoor-livin’ folks are in the South.  Think about all the retirees in Florida, what’s the most common ailment in our elders?  Pulmonary!  Heart and lung disease.  Poison gas clouds, oil-soaked beaches, dear God in Heaven.  This all seems too diabolical and crazy.  Devvy’s Report from rense is next.  Think about it, then throw up.

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