Clif High’s Frequency Masters

This is reprinted with permission from Clif High.  You are not to copy it and/or reprint it in any way.  This is for the Sound of Stars, Rife, Beck and Sound Healers’ group to read and discuss.

This is an excerpt from the December 6, 2009, “Shape of Things to Come” data set analysis from  While I only have permission to quote about the “gnosines” (frequency masters), I can tell you that there is a lot of stuff in that report about ocean disease, something wrong with the ocean currents and “ill winds” blowing around the planet.  When they’re right (and they are the first to admit when they’re wrong) they’re very, very right.

Please ponder the following, and gain strength and hope therefrom.  Please note that [word] indicates the word came directly from the raw data, and (blah blah) is usually explanation/translation.  When I first started reading these reports I felt they were more difficult than reading Nostradamus in the original medieval French, but one does get used to it after awhile.  There are different areas that they call “entities”:  outer space is “SpaceGoatFarts” :)), earth is “Terra”, the powers that be is TPTB,  the people of the earth are/is “GlobalPop”, etc.

Apres cela, le Deluge…

Also directly connected to the SpaceGoatFarts entity, but discussed here, are the sub sets that go to the [secret societies] and their [agenda].  Not only with the [coup d’colonels’] interrupt their [plots and plans], but other [impacts] or [strikes against] the [control system agenda] of the [secret societies] are indicated to come from personalities that can best be described as [frequency masters (of the gnosine)].  These [frequency masters] are described by the data as [awake individuals] who are [skilled] in [ancients arts] {ed. note: curiously also able to be described as ‘future arts’.} These [gnosine] who [are masters (of the) symbols (and) frequencies (of universe)] are forecast  to be [emerging] into [problem status] for TPTB and the [secret societies’ agenda] over 2010 and 2012.  The aware observer should be able to catch the first hints of rising [visibility] around the [problems (created by)] the [gnosine frequency masters] from July 7th onward through 2010.  Much of the data sets that describe the [gnosine] are within the SpaceGoatFarts entity, however the real manifestations will be emerging around [all things related to TPTB through their secret societies structure].  The data sets are painting a picture of [agents] of the [secret societies] who will be [misguided] and will be [messing with the wrong people at precisely the wrong point in time].  It needs to be noted that the [gnosine] descriptor set within the SpaceGoatFarts  entity contains very completely supported aspect/attribute sets for [karios (the appropriate feel of time=the opportune moment)].  It would seem that a sub set of [gnosine behavior] is built around being able to [feel time] and to [react (in karios)] with what will be described (from the outside) as being [exquisite (sense of) timing].  The [sense of] supporting set of descriptors within the SpaceGoatFarts entity not only links back to TPTB at every supporting sub set, but many of the cross link terminations are within the [un-imaginable] and [frustrated (by inability to understand)].  These sets refer to the [nature of sense (and sensation)] within [pulsating energetic reality of the holonomy] that will be [not able to be grasped] or [beyond the ken (ability to understand)] of both TPTB and their [minions].  Unfortunately the TPTB (and especially the minion classes) their [masters (the macrobes)] do understand the nature of [gnosine harmonization (with) karios].  This juxtaposition of [minion ignorance] and [master’s understanding] will itself contribute further to the [manifesting problems] into which the [agenda] and [agents] will [crash].  The data accretion patterns suggest that [punishment] for the [offending stupidity (of the various minions)] will be [placed upon (the) TPTB].{ed. note: which seems to have been the point all along}, so these next 2/two years will have many  instances of members of TPTB [encountering karmic response].  The patterns of the accruing aspect/attribute sets indicate that the [visibility] of these [karmic displays] will be rising from the vernal equinox (2010) onward.  the data actually has cross linked data sets over to the GlobalPop where the termination sets are [wtf? (what the fuck?)] indicating a feeling of [collective puzzlement] over the [startling] number and nature of [karmic displays] afflicting TPTB.

Fin..but not the end…

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