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Beach Cleanup Only Cosmetic?

This is not the first time I’ve heard that the cleanup on the beaches is “just for show”.  I have personal confirmation of this from someone else I actually know who is part of the “cleanup” crew.   S/he says that they’ve been told to just leave the tarballs that are 1 foot or more under the sand, and allow the tractors to come out and smooth them over.  What is really going on here?  This could be an act of war, yet seems to have the sanction of our “government”.   Something is greatly amiss here.  More clues to follow.  Where is Sherlock Holmes now that we need him?  Oh, wait, he’s British…never mind.

Healing Your Energy Field

This is a great series of very simple exercises that will make everything better, seriously.  Right now, we all need to do something like this every single day.  For me the problem is remembering to do them! Or, Oh I’ll do it in a minute, or Oh, I don’t have time.  If we all want to stay “unscrambled” and energetic in this extraordinary time, exercises like these are essential.

Oil “Spill”: Prophecy or Planned Demolition?

Art imitates life or Life imitates art?  This is an amazing little story, until you read about this guy.  Seems he was involved in all kinds of occult hoo-doo!  Fascinating.

BP Gulf Oil Volcano, Get Involved NOW

So here’s some hopeful news at first.  There are many more to come that are less than hopeful.  However,, is just that:  a place to figure out “how do we doctor this one?”. Send in your ideas, share, talk to each other, plan, network.  MUCH MUCH MORE TO COME!

Crop Dots?

Apparently there is some kind of blight affecting crops and even weeds in counties in Mississippi.  The video mentions the Mississippi River basin, so I assume this is in the south.  After looking closely at the video, I realized I have the same damage going on right here in my own yard and garden, far north in Ohio.  I re-instated my cloudbuster several days ago when I saw the stuff, not realizing the possible relationship to what is in this video.  I have these dots everywhere:  in the grass, the clover, the burned-looking stuff on the long grass and the corn.  It’s everywhere in my garden, too, in varying degrees.  On a lighter note, the growing Zucchini Monster gave me it’s first fruits today: 7 full-grown zukes!  No dots, as they were underneath the leaves.  Comments, anyone?

A Free Sound Healing

The Quantum K experience brings us back to our original blueprint, sonically, musically and energetically.  It’s a simple free healing experience.