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Does Anybody Know What is Going On?

Rumors, lies, more rumors, who knows what is going on?  I am tempted to quote the late, great Katharine Graham of Washington Post fame:  “Remember, dear, all gossip is true.”

Can’t Stop HAARPing on those Scalars…

Gotta love those conspiracy theorists; oh, wait, if it’s true is it no longer a conspiracy?  Is truth stranger than fiction?  Why did Obama send SWAT teams?  You sure can’t SWAT an oil “spill” (BAD OIL SPILL, NAUGHTY,  Bad, Bad,WHACK!).

Those Mayans Are at it AGAIN! Yay!

We must all hang together, or surely we shall all hang separately…attributed to Ben Franklin, the 1st American Revolution, hmmmm.  We’ve been here before, shall we get it right this time?  All we can do now to save this world is to focus our minds and hearts AS ONE.  The Unity Wave.  I’ll be there, and I’ll bring pie for Clif High.

What, Me Worry?

This is a superb article by Jack Williams, another wise bellringer in the ongoing-just-beginning oil volcano disaster/crisis.  It is another wake-up call for everyone.  ANYONE can do this:  focus your good will/free will on healing the planet, creating a new paradigm.  Anger and hatred towards the powers that be/our controllers is useless and only feeds their insatiable lust for more power.  Perhaps I could suggest here that we might actually be grateful for this mess?  It might wake us all up and get us to “The Promised Land”.  I still have a dream…

David Icke Finally Speaks Up

There are so many predictions out there, and so many of them appear to be coming to pass.

Who do they think they are?!? Seize BP!

Lies, lies and more lies.  This is more of the same Valdez video, as BP  is acting just like corporations have been acting more and more in the last several years.  We put up with absolutely lousy service from cellphones, for example, and their highway robbery companies, get lost in voicemail hell, as there are no buttons to push for “I WANNA HUMAN BEING TO TALK TO!!!”.  Why are we putting up with this?  Why are we allowing these companies to endanger our lives?  Now they’re trying, it seems, to kill the planet.  Please watch the third video down the page.  Mercola is a great website, btw, lots and lots of excellent articles on health.

Fallen Valdez Workers

The Fallen Valdez workers, who were they?  Why has there been no reportage about their problem?  Even the workers at Ground Zero in NYC (and I’m one of them) get no respect or help when they fall ill from the fumes.  Sound familiar?  Oh, yeah, follow the money.  Follow the yellow brick road, you may think it’s gold, but it snot.  Lousy buggers!

A Gulf Coast Norma Rae?

These folks, BP and the dad gum gummint, have no regard for us.  To them we are expendable. See Exxon Valdez post.

Sing the world’s oceans to health…

And so the global awakening begins.  We all need to link together, cyberlink,  physical and metaphysical and keep doing this until we realize our own power.  Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven that sound with intention can clean polluted waters.  This is it, do it or die along with the planet. Wake up…wake up…and sing.

Facile Fuel… it’s not from Barney anymore

Everything seems to be going upside down.  How many of you have heard the term “abiotic” oil lately?  This is supposedly what’s coming out of the Gulf Gusher.  Why is it suddenly unlimited?  What happened to “Peak Oil”?  The Rolling Stone’s 2001 (?) article called “The Long Emergency”?  According to Lindsey Williams we have huge oil reserves in the USA and don’t need all this malarky.  Watch this video and check out the only book title you can read that is over this smug guy’s shoulder.  Ick.