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Oily Oily in Free…

Ayatollay’all so.  Sharry Edwards is the best!  The BEST!!!  Low frequencies for healing the Gulf, the wildlife, the grasses and even the people.  More to come.

3 Videos to Watch to Save Ourselves

I’ve known this fellow, Donald Adams, aka Doc Starz, for 3 years now.  He has a tremendous intellect and an extraordinary collection of healing frequencies that I have used personally for 3 years, to great effect.  They sound strange, sometimes too high and piercing for my tinnitus-ravaged ears, but very effective.  While he may come across a bit tough on these videos, please know that he is a very kind fellow and truly cares about his work healing us and the planet, and is under extreme stress and even, sometimes, attack.  If it becomes illegal, gets attacked, raided, smeared, etc., why it must be something that actually works!  Please watch and join us.

Healing With Electromedicine

One of the best articles on this subject I’ve seen so far.  I’ve been looking for a way to explain all the terms: wavelength, magnetic field, electromagnetic, etc.  It all gets confusing and this guy untangles the proverbial wires.

A Free Sound Healing

The Quantum K experience brings us back to our original blueprint, sonically, musically and energetically.  It’s a simple free healing experience.