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Turpentine, Oh How I Pine for Thee…

Ah, the ubiquitous pine tree, apparently good for just about everything.  There’s the Colorado Blue Spruce:  boil the branches for a bit, then cool and drink the water and get rid of scurvy and many other ailments.  Pine resin (from any fir) is fantastic for all kinds of skin disorders: itches, sunburn, infections, fungus, cuts, etc.  Search NATR (Native American Tree Resin) for an easy one to buy.  Or just cut a branch off a pine tree that isn’t too close to the road and let the resin ooze out.  Collect, mix with a carrying agent (oil of some sort) and just use it!

Turpentine is absolutely amazing for lots and lots of things, including insecticide, fungicide and uh, parasiticide (is that a word?).  People in my health groups report they’ve sprayed Turp on Black Widow spiders, effecting their immediate demise.   Then there are those who have been taking it internally to kill systemic fungus and/or parasites.  Yowsa!  They put 1/4 tsp on a blob of white sugar and swallow, but they don’t take it more than 2 or 3 times a week, as the body seems to need a break from it’s powerful action.