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Turpentine, Oh How I Pine for Thee…

Ah, the ubiquitous pine tree, apparently good for just about everything.  There’s the Colorado Blue Spruce:  boil the branches for a bit, then cool and drink the water and get rid of scurvy and many other ailments.  Pine resin (from any fir) is fantastic for all kinds of skin disorders: itches, sunburn, infections, fungus, cuts, etc.  Search NATR (Native American Tree Resin) for an easy one to buy.  Or just cut a branch off a pine tree that isn’t too close to the road and let the resin ooze out.  Collect, mix with a carrying agent (oil of some sort) and just use it!

Turpentine is absolutely amazing for lots and lots of things, including insecticide, fungicide and uh, parasiticide (is that a word?).  People in my health groups report they’ve sprayed Turp on Black Widow spiders, effecting their immediate demise.   Then there are those who have been taking it internally to kill systemic fungus and/or parasites.  Yowsa!  They put 1/4 tsp on a blob of white sugar and swallow, but they don’t take it more than 2 or 3 times a week, as the body seems to need a break from it’s powerful action.

3 Videos to Watch to Save Ourselves

I’ve known this fellow, Donald Adams, aka Doc Starz, for 3 years now.  He has a tremendous intellect and an extraordinary collection of healing frequencies that I have used personally for 3 years, to great effect.  They sound strange, sometimes too high and piercing for my tinnitus-ravaged ears, but very effective.  While he may come across a bit tough on these videos, please know that he is a very kind fellow and truly cares about his work healing us and the planet, and is under extreme stress and even, sometimes, attack.  If it becomes illegal, gets attacked, raided, smeared, etc., why it must be something that actually works!  Please watch and join us.

Homeopathic Cell Salts: Which One Does What…

The Calcium Cell Salts are important for bone and dental health, and
skin healing.
Calcium Phosphate is the Cell Salt for growth and health of the bones.
Deficiency symptoms include aching pains, growing pains, bone ailments.
Calcium Fluoride is the Cell Salt for problems with the surface of bones
and skin.
A much safer source of fluoride than supplemental fluoride.
Deficiency symptoms include poor dental enamel; spider and varicose
Calcium Sulphate deficiency symptoms include acne and other skin
slow healing wounds, abscesses, swollen glands, negativity, apathy.

The Potassium Cell Salts are important for emotional health. Deficiency
symptoms include nervousness, anxiety, mental confusion.
Kali Mur deficiency symptoms include colds, sinus inflammation,
arthritis inflammation, lack of energy and interest.
Kali Phosphate deficiency symptoms include anxiety, irritability. poor
memory and physical fatigue.
Kali Sulphate corrects the functioning of oils in the body. Deficiency
symptoms show up as dryness and in the later stages of inflammation
including acne and intestinal disorders. Mental symptoms include worry
and lack of judgment.

The 3 Sodium Cell Salts balance fluids and water in the body and support
the functioning of the kidneys, pancreas, stomach and digestive system.
Natrum Mur helps with edema, headache, weakness in the sun or heat,
chronic sinus conditions.
Natrum Phosphate is for complaints of the digestive system. Take right
before meals for improved digestion. Deficiency symptoms include
acidity, indigestion.
Natrum Sulphate for strengthening pancreatic functioning.

Ferrum Phosphate is the oxygenating Cell Salt, so remember for physical
fatigue. Useful for inflammation, fever, and infection.
Magnesium Phosphate is found inside the cells of muscles and nerves.
Deficiency symptoms include muscle pain, muscle fatigue, muscle spasms.
Silicea is the hair and skin remedy. Deficiency includes excess
perspiration, unhealthy skin, brittle nails and hair.

Homeopathic Cell Salts