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The Real DaVinci Code?

Oh me, oh my, oh why or why!  Haven’t read the book yet, rumor has it that it has the “true” story of Jesus Christ.  For example: His mother was his teacher, she had all the “magical” powers.  He really was married to Mary Magdalene, they had at least one child.  He spent a lot of his “lost” (deliberately “lost” records, I’ll bet) in India, teaching and learning from the Yogis.  Urantia Book, anyone?

Theives Oil: Reagan, Greenspan, et al.

Please remember that when you start fighting about political parties or religion, you’re falling into a well-designed rabbit hole and missing the entire point.  Reagan may have been venerated by some, but this writer watched the downfall of free America begin in earnest in 1980: free time, one spouse able to stay home with the kids, pensions included medical insurance, jobs were plentiful, the best stuff was made in America, education included the arts, psychiatrists actually talked with patients instead of just handing out prescriptions for pacification.  This article gives the history that has been missing, a very simple yet comprehensive explanation of how the looting of America has taken place.  Have you been wondering “How the heck did we get here”?  It’s worth the read.

Another Lie Inverted

Oh, children, we know we told you that the sun would give you skin cancer (what about the tribes in the desert who never get cancer, what about the Aborigines in the Outback who never get cancer, oh well).  Well, maybe we were just a teeny, teeny bit wrong there, trying to sell sunscreen, um, y’all are really lacking the Vitamin D now, uh, duh.