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Oily Oily in Free…

Ayatollay’all so.  Sharry Edwards is the best!  The BEST!!!  Low frequencies for healing the Gulf, the wildlife, the grasses and even the people.  More to come.

Cheap/Easy Bio Electric Applicator

This article was saved by someone in one of my Yahoo health groups.  The author is unknown, the picture is gone.  All of that usually means that the device works very well and is either too cheap or totally free, which angers the money interests.  Use this device to help all sorts of skin irritations including stings and bites.



Does the above picture look familiar to you? It should! It’s nothing
more than a piezo-electric igniter for a back-yard barbeque! The wires
lead from the igniter to a set of electrodes placed in the propane
gas-way. With the propane turned on, the red button is pressed firmly
and a spring driven hammer working across a tiny ceramic block creates a
momentary high voltage spark, which ignites the propane.

That is it’s intended use but it has others. It can readily be pressed
into service as a bio-electrical ‘spot’ applicator which will deliver
its electrical charge into a very small area, such as a wart or other
skin blemish, with great precision.

What got me involved in experimenting with this intriguing little gadget
is the fact that a commercially produced version was examined by an
establishment committee and after a cursory look-see, was pronounced to
be without value without any medical curative properties. To me, that
was pretty high praise and an indication that someone, somewhere, did
not want the knowledge of the possible alternate use of these
applicators in widespread circulation.

In considering this, it is important for all of us, as lay researchers,
to remember that many of these bio-electrical devices do not work with
the speed of light! Many of them require weeks, perhaps months, before
they produce concrete curative results!

Here is how you turn a barbeque igniter kit, or a salvaged igniter, into
a very useful bio-electric device:

1. These things may be a little different, depending upon who made
them, but the first step is to remove the little lead wire from the
igniter (in a salvaged unit). It fits over an electrode in the barrel
of the igniter and whether or not it is used or in place, the device
will produce a spark anyway. To test, hold the barrel just above your
arm (and eighth to a quarter of an inch) and click the red button. A
tiny spark will jump from the electrode to your arm with a small, but
perceptible electrical ‘jolt’. This is not repetitive. It requires a
further click of the igniter button to produce another ‘jolt’. It does
no damage, it doesn’t hurt and it shows you quite positively that the
device is working.

2. Optionally, you can install the electric lead to the electrode in
the igniter. Once you have done this, cut it off an inch or so from the
electrode and remove the insulation from the last quarter or half inch
of the lead. My devices are always constructed like this, I find it
allows greater precision but it is a matter of choice.

3. The final touch is to purchase a large fender washer from the
hardware store. You can find one that will slip over the igniter and
come to a stop just below the red igniter button. Next, screw on the
cheap, stamped nut that comes with the set (purchased or salvaged) and
tighten it up. When this is done, the washer provides a secure leverage
for the two fingers which allow the device to be held and operated in
much the same manner as a medical syringe.

Devices very similar to this may still be found for sale on the
STIMULATOR //and the //PIEZO D-N QUARTZ CRYSTAL /are some of them.
Prices range from $30.00 to $130.00! Other than some cosmetic dressing
up, all of them are simply camouflaged barbeque grill igniters.

Commercial advertising promises cure or relief for just about everything
from arthritis pain to dandruff removal. If you at first limit your
research to skin blemishes, warts and moles you might obtain better
results until your personal experience shows you the advantages and
limitations of the device.

/Historical Footnote: Generator and/or storage battery related devices
have been commonly manufactured since at least the 1850’s. For example,
the DAVIS KEDDER MAGNETO of 1855 employed a small, hand operated
generator which transmitted a low voltage current to a pair of
cylindrical hand held copper electrodes. Sound familiar?

Healing With Electromedicine

One of the best articles on this subject I’ve seen so far.  I’ve been looking for a way to explain all the terms: wavelength, magnetic field, electromagnetic, etc.  It all gets confusing and this guy untangles the proverbial wires.