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A Source from the Beachfront Reports…

Here at Planetary Prescriptions we are very lucky to know people who are on the forefront of the “cleanup” work on the beaches affected by the oil volcano.  They call in periodically with important news.  One such call was a week or so ago, relaying the message that BP was insisting that the workers leave the tar balls that were buried more than 1 foot under the sand to be covered and smoothed over later by beach-combing tractors. And they’re going to let the kids make sand castles?  Of course, they’ll match all the US Gov’t buildings!  Yee haa!  Choke, gasp…and no one is allowed to wear a respirator, only a bandanna, and no one is allowed to even speak of chemical detox, why, that might foment hysteria.  You can find that information in Health Protocols here at PP, since the buzz is that all the Exxon Valdez cleanup crew are dead.

Alas, this next report is ominous, especially if you’ve read the Web Bot reports lately, as in since December at least.  This person, this old friend, this awake and aware human being, hadn’t read the Web Bot reports, so s/he didn’t know what they were telling me today, Friday July 2, 2010.  They saw a very large cloud over the ocean, several miles west of Pensacola, Fla., (location fuzzy to protect this person’s identity), just a couple of days ago.  S/he said that the cloud was mostly white, but had a pinkish tinge in one area and a tan tinge in another area.  There was a faint smell of chemicals in the air “you know, like we used to smell in science lab, you knew there were chemicals around”, s/he said.  Go to and spend ten bucks on the latest report; in fact, buy the report from December to see how accurate they can be with their trends and predictions.  There is so much misinformation circling about the Web, you should really get it from the horse’s mouth.  There are descriptions of lethal gas clouds in that report and the different cloud colors mean something.  Get informed and then get prepared.