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VOC Detox Protocols

This is an excellent article, yet it needs a bit of explanation.  There are too many suggestions here for detox, methinks.  One needs to pick a simple protocol and do it to the max, but everybody is different and no one can really tell you what to do. I managed to get a snootful of crop-dusting chemicals while defending my organic garden with every sheet in the house the other day.   I ran to the store and got some charcoal capsules, nose running, throat sore, headachey and queasy.  It fixed me up in no time, but I still have to do a full detox anyway.  I believe that using glutathion, clay and charcoal, ingesting all and bathing in the clay as well, will help.  Kinesiology (muscle-testing) can really assist you here, to find out what your body needs for detox.  The second link below goes to a video with Rebecca Marina demonstrating a simple method of kinesiology for finding good supplements.  Rebecca is a down-to-earth person who really wants to help humanity.  Her EFT videos are great and can help anyone feel better immediately.  The first link below goes to one of Duncan Crow’s information pages.  I have read his posts for many years and have found him to be honest and helpful.  He says that inexpensive whey products can build up glutathion in the body.

There are 2 (of many) inexpensive substances that come to mind for oxidation and glutathion: food grade hydrogen peroxide and cold-processed whey (yes, the body-builders’ friend).  Follow the link below for the “whey” to health:

Follow this link for how to self-test any health issue:

This article can begin your education about Hydrogen Peroxide (food grade only):

There are nut jobs everywhere on the net, but this guy seems sincere.  I’ve never tried this myself, yet,  nor do I know anyone in person who has.  Now, for those of you brave enough (or desperate enough to breathe easier), a very different protocol:



Exit Corexit

Egad.  “They” wouldn’t do that!  Heavens no!  Why haven’t we stopped BP from using Corexit?  We all know what a nasty chemical soup it creates, yet the EPA has done nothing to stop its use.  Why is the cleanup only cosmetic?  Why is our government doing so little, except reacting with more hyperbole?  This article posits a serious theory that only the future will bear out as truth or fiction.  That stinky rat just keeps moving around the Internet.

A Seriously Revolutionary Woman…

Well, I don’t agree with everything here, but there is no arguing that Devvy Kidd is bright and cares about the direction of our country.  She is a staunch Constitutionalist and journalistic rabble-rouser. I don’t know whether to believe her or not, but the article about Halliburton and the oil rig is very compelling.  Is it not also chilling that Halliburton’s mercenary army is called Blackwater?  This could be more than one huge stinky rat.

BP: Beyond Police

Is it not patently illegal to have a corporation paying ANY local police department?  Isn’t it?  It’s fine for the officers themselves to moonlight, but BP is “buying” the local gendarmerie(s)!  I smell a HUGE rat now.  BP detaining reporters and interrogating them?  Why the Gulf Coast?  Why the horrid debacle of Katrina?  “Devvy’s Project” has suggested that our government wants to reduce the load of people who are “on the Dole” via depopulation, any which way they can.  According to her, the largest group of homeless, “wild” and outdoor-livin’ folks are in the South.  Think about all the retirees in Florida, what’s the most common ailment in our elders?  Pulmonary!  Heart and lung disease.  Poison gas clouds, oil-soaked beaches, dear God in Heaven.  This all seems too diabolical and crazy.  Devvy’s Report from rense is next.  Think about it, then throw up.

Wag That Dog, Tailie, Tailie!

Whoa.  This will turn your hat around backwards.  I think that those of us who are trying to stay “on top” of this situation need to be aware of this article.  I have no way to check its veracity, but it does explain why we all smell a rat somewhere.  There is so much that doesn’t add up about this situation, this is plausible, and I don’t know what to think.  Our source “on the beachfront” is certainly seeing tarballs, possible chemical clouds and smelling chemicals everywhere, so who knows?  This is well worth the read.

Dr. Doom Speaks on C2C

Richard C. Hoagland, former NASA consultant, speaks about the danger of a methane build-up under the Gulf of Mexico.  While he sounds very professional, I am unable, so far, to find out how he is such an expert on this subject.  Then again, considering the sham and shambles of our educational system, both higher and lower, I’m certainly willing to give full attention to someone who has learned things their own way, without brainwashing.  He is not alone, however, in his assertion that this particular danger is very real, Dr. Bill Deagle and others echo this sentiment.  I have a sense, albeit vague, that there are some media personalities here making a splash off this disaster as well.  This particular danger, methane release and/or explosion, causing a tsunami of unbelievable proportions, could be very real.  The problem here, as I see it, is that people are hardly awake to the “normal” scope of this calamity, many are in denial, many are still sound asleep;  how do we wrap our brains around this “worst case” scenario?

Oh, Sorry, Oil do it Tomorrow

Now, please take this website with a grain of salt, there’s a lot of stuff here that is just simply fantastical, like some of Ben Fulford’s writings.  Love it all, just don’t believe it all.  How I wish Ben Fulford was right!  Anyhoo, the author does appear to be asking the right questions.  What is the agenda here?  It all seems so insane until you connect the dots.  This country is in deep trouble, wake up everyone you can, especially those in the Gulf Coast and the Northeast Coast of the good ole USofA.

Oil do it Tomorrow

I am a major fan of Dr. Len Horowitz’ writing and knowledge, yet I still find it hard to believe that there is so much evil in the world.  His book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” now seems prophetic and terrifying.  He has connected the dots in a real-life Da Vinci Code, and the details don’t seem much different from the thriller book and movie.  Beware the power of the darkside, Luke, and its hypnotic pull.    This whole mess stinks to high heaven.

Connecting the Dots of Oil

This is a well-written and well thought out article that connects the BP Oil Volcano with 9/11.  It is one of the saddest pieces I have ever read, as it has the awful ring of truth.  I have spent my entire lifetime trying to “save the planet” , now look at it.

A Brave Man Defies BP Ban

This is a brave man, an honest man, who has defied BP and flown over the Gulf of Mexico.  It will break your heart.