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It’s Time to “Out” the Pedophiles

Under the shadow of the Dark of the Moon feels like an appropriate time to bring out something that is missing from the discussion of pedophilia: those of us who are it’s run-of-the-mill victims. Yes, there are the horrifyingly vomitous, near-sensational books by Susan Ford and others, these are disgusting and perhaps not even rare severe cases of pedophilia, sex slavery and ritual abuse. I used to look at Michael Jackson and think, “yeah, something must have happened to you too, even worse than me.” Poor soul, what a beautiful artist he was, for being so sick against his own will. And that describes it, we, the secret survivors (taken from the liberating book of the same name), are sick against our will. Those of us who suffered the occasional groping by a relative or neighbor, or the repeated rape by a father/brother/ uncle, etc., are only slightly less maladjusted than our more well-known counterparts. We are, generally speaking, seemingly normal humans, going about our everyday lives. The degree of sickness is usually proportional to the degree and repetition of the abuse that was suffered, but in the end it is all a huge stain on the soul. This dark stain permeates our culture as it permeates our entire being. How do you get rid of it? I see so many alternative news articles, blogs et al, that ask the question “Why don’t we stand up and do something about this? Why haven’t we thrown off these controllers?” What’s wrong with this picture? I believe I may have part of the answer, as a victim of violence and repeated sexual abuse as a child (which set me up for a lifetime of it). Pedophilia is the cornerstone of how our entire civilization has been so controlled for so long. It is such a shameful notion that no one wants to admit to having been through it. And I believe it is much harder for men to admit to such persecution.


After nearly thirty years of different kinds of therapy, I finally found someone who cared enough to help me get free. He remains a friend to this day, though I spent a lot of time yelling at him when he’d insist that I look at things we’d unearthed during hypnosis. He kept saying to me: There’s nothing wrong with you! Long before any of this happened, you were a fine person and you still are. Stand up for yourself, step out of the victim pattern. I was, and still am to a degree, sure that there must be something bad about me for all these dreadful things to have happened to me. The Law of Attraction and the Law of Karma are just more bogus guilt trips to entrap us here for the amusement of these psychopaths. This is MUCH harder than it looks, believe me, to actually feel that you’re just OK. The point that I wish to make here is that we are all operating in a victim mode of some stripe. Statistics show (and they are surely too low) that fully 80% of females in the world have been sexually abused in some way. The statistics for men are not easy to get, but my suspicion grows stronger every day that at least 50% of men have been sexually abused as well. Look at these stories coming out about the children in Wales, in Canada, the Franklin Scandal, Boys Town, Oh my God! In my humble opinion and from my perspective, this is why and how we have all been so controlled and have such a difficult time breaking free: Mommy and Daddy (whatever you perceive them to be) won’t love me any more. Our parents are gods to us when we are children, and the abused get a very skewed view of love from the get-go. If it’s true love, then it’s gotta hurt, right? My father began molesting me when I was only 18 months old (according to my memories from hypnosis), and eventually my vicious, narcissistic mother actually helped him. Ick. The only conscious memory I have of the abuse is from a time when I was 12 and finally strong enough to fight both of them off. I discovered that they would try these horrid things when they’d been drinking, so I was much faster than them, though I couldn’t lock my bedroom door. My father wasn’t really interested in girls past puberty, so after I put up a fight he started a control/money game that lasted until I was 30 years old. You read that right: unbeknownst to me at the time, he controlled all my therapists and counselors, including the shrink that he sent me to when I was 16. This scumbag, Dr. Lieberman (helluva name) would make me drink a brown liquid before every appointment that got me very, very high and disoriented. He would then help himself to my person in very perverted ways, but I didn’t remember for a long, long time. My friends tell me I still have a problem with anger. Ya think?! I doubt my dad paid him for my “therapy”, it was probably the other way around. But I didn’t remember any of it for a span of years, had another therapist put it together for me with hypnosis when I was in my 30’s. Yeah, my thirties.


So…I have a dissociative disorder: when someone I love or trust is cruel to me I immediately box it up in a place inside my head and forget that it is there. Seriously. Whole swaths of my childhood before age twelve are still a blank, and this is not unusual for incest survivors who have not been otherwise altered, as in the case of the mind-controlled ritual abuse survivors. There are many forms of mind control, and I have not yet, at age 60, been able to completely transcend the core of my constant orders to make like a clam. I now joke about my relationships with men; I keep going for the same guy, different hair: the most controlling, manipulative and abusive guy I can find, usually accompanied by alcoholism. Now I find that it can stain us genetically, in our epigenetic field. This is generational and fouls up most of our close relationships in this world. This does reach across my entire family, either “abuse or be abused”. My niece, an only child of normal spoiled brat status, came to visit me for our birthdays, her 18th. I took her to see a show on Broadway, even though I was still unable to climb stairs without help, due to multiple abdominal surgeries. As the seats were in the stratosphere, she promised to help me get up there. While shopping on the way to the theatre, we had an incident in Chinatown: she stole a parking space from a Chinese woman who shrieked curses at us. I calmly took the keys and moved the car, to do the right thing. I also prefer to be able to continue to do business in that very small, Asian world, if you take my meaning. This apparently infuriated my niece so much that when we got to the final flight of stairs to our theatre seats, she dropped my hand and walked up the steep railless steps and sat down, not looking at me. I was forced to crawl on my hands and knees to get to our seats, in front of everyone. I was mortified. Did I yell at her? No, I immediately made myself think that it didn’t happen. I wasn’t even pretending that everything was fine, in my mind it never happened. This is classic dissociation, worse than a knee-jerk reaction. My niece then began a campaign of terror against me, messing up my house right before a real estate appointment, things like that. This resulted in me turning my back on her, but I never did speak with her about her cruelty, which she inherited from my mother, because I didn’t remember what happened for well over a year. For me, that was rather quick, actually, to have my memory kick in.


As a species, our memories have been suppressed, at the very least, but we don’t know how much. You want to talk about “cognitive dissonance”? We have all, the victims of pedophilia, been trained from a very young age to not “rock the boat”. It’s not hard to teach that, children will believe what the big people tell them. We are also severely traumatized as a species, and not just from pedophilia. Yes, I have read the theories of reptilians and other species oppressing and repressing us, but that is not the focus of what I wish to convey. Perhaps I am hoping for a personal catharsis as well as a pan-global splash of cold water: WE must stop blaming ourselves for the horrid things that are going on to humans, animals and the planet. There is, was, nothing wrong with us before all this started. I don’t know when it started, I don’t really know the details of who, or what, or which dimension it comes from. I don’t really need to know anymore, even with my impaired memory, my “anger issues” and my stained soul I can tell you this: After working the full 8-month cleanup period at Ground Zero, playing live music for the workers, I saw the best of humanity come there in droves, myself included, to beat down those doors to help. People were aching to help and would go to great lengths to find a way to “do good”. Those of us who wish to be are all good people, deep down. We have innate abilities that would boggle our minds: “All these things and more, shall you do” said Jesus, well, he must have been right. Think about it: why is so much money, time, energy, etc., being spent on keeping us down? Poison in the air, the food, the water, the fabrics we wear, the soaps, the fuel, radiation in the cell phones, radiation at the airport, government-sanctioned molestation at the airport, the music is at the wrong frequency, everything! Why are the pedophile rings and perpetrators the most protected people on the planet? Why do people die when exposing these sick pieces of feces? Why??? Because that’s how they keep us down, accepting rape by the TSA, we’ve been accepting rape for MILLENIA. It’s ingrained in us, and I believe that the only way to rid ourselves of the hesitation we all have, is to shout it out! Shout them down, rout them out, prosecute them, tell all, git ‘er done! Because we’re really, truly a wonderful species. We must be quite a prize if all this is being used against us. I may have relationship issues, health issues and all that: but it is against my will. I’m 60 and I haven’t quit trying to get better, and I am better. I will stand up for my fellow humans and the children of rape. I take their hands, I’ve done it for years as a teacher, and I say to them: you’re really OK, did you know that? Even if I don’t yet feel OK, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ABUSE IN ORDER TO BE LOVED.



Coming to You Soon: Massive DNA Destruction

Coming Soon to You: Massive DNA Destruction

Metaphysicians tell us that an individual’s DNA composition approximates one’s consciousness, and vice versa: One’s consciousness determines one’s DNA structure. Attack one, you attack the other. Improve one and you improve the other.

Mainstream Doctors Fritz-Albert Popp and Bruce Lipton both tell us that our DNA appears to be the vital link between our physicality and spirituality.

Dr. Popp, founder of the International Institute of Biophysics, at Neuss, Germany, and Dr. Lipton, of the University of Wisconsin, both confirm that modern science now realizes and recognizes that our DNA structures directly reflect our consciousness.

This makes it possible for us to willfully activate what science formerly called “junk” DNA, by increasing our individual consciousnesses.

By activating dormant DNA, one would likely be able to perceive life beyond the five physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell; and one’s world of spiritual intuition, discernment, judgment, and wisdom begin to develop.

The more we learn about the negative intentions of the dark forces of our world, the more we wake up spiritually, and the more our “junk” DNA activates, if we are not overcome with negativity or fear ourselves in the process of waking up.

Fear blocks any possible expansion of consciousness, which explains the constant and universal fear-mongering promoted by the private International Monetary/Banking Cartel’s corporate media, all resulting in the severe stunting of our universal consciousness.

The Cartel’s silent, soft-kill weapons of mass DNA destruction are all around us. Depleting uranium, chemtrails, street and pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, genetically modified foods, fluoride, aspartame, psychotropics, and now naked body scanners are used against us for a very basic reason: To keep us from waking up to their crimes by damaging our DNA.

The Cartel’s latest cloaked attacks against mankind are their so-called Backscatter X-ray Machines that expose the naked bodies of men, women and children at busy airport security portals – all based on the flimsy ploy of simply one “crotch bomber” at Christmas time of ’09 in Detroit. Now suddenly, these Backscatter machines will be showing up at over 125 US airports.

These virtual strip searches, in addition to damaging our DNA, will be setting the stage for the expansion of our world-wide cancer epidemic. Any amount of radiation is dangerous, as it is cumulative, and poses a serious threat to all living cells through which it passes, leaving behind a trail of destruction and genetic mutations.

The Backscatter doesn’t actually emit X-rays, but little tested T-rays, or THz waves (terahertz waves), which is radiation that is positioned between microwaves and infrared rays on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Sound dangerous? It is. One would think that US taxpayers would object to their government spending so much of the people’s money in order to inflict its citizens with cancer.

But no, the Monetary Cartel and their dark minions in “think-tanks” are clever.

Knowing that the majority of the American public cares not a whit about their personal privacy, but has huge concerns for their personal security, the dark overlords of the Cartel had their corporate media begin calling their cancer-dealing/death-dealing machines, “Naked Body Scanners.”

This made what little public argument there has been against the Backscatter machines a “privacy issue,” instead of a “cancer issue.”

And the ploy has worked marvelously. Millions of Americans – with no concerns about how their privacy is being violated – still line up at full-body scanners, across the US, never knowing how those T-ray machines could eventually kill them.

At best, the issue of the dangers of full-body scanners at airports and other places has become controversial. Which means, the voices of governmental “authority” wins that Info-war, given that American who can’t think for themselves always defer to governmental pronouncements as being the last word.

Boian Alexandrov, of the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory, however, has a very decided opinion regarding the dangers of T-rays: He tells us that T-rays tear apart human DNA.

Alexandrov, and his team at Los Alamos, say that although the forces that T-rays exert are small, their resonant effects can “unzip” DNA strands, tearing them apart, thus creating bubbles in the strands that significantly interfere with gene expression and DNA replication. And whatever that means, it doesn’t sound good.

Moreover, it seems these T-ray scanners will be operated by non-healthcare, hourly wage-earners, not trained in radiation medicine or imaging. And who is to prevent massive radiation overdoses?

What protection will be offered to pregnant women, children, or our reproductive organs?

Also, whether you fly or not, the dark powers that have subjugated our federal government are intent on repeatedly lashing you with deadly radiation … all for your own good, mind you.

Our government has bought hundreds of mobile Z Backscatter Vans (ZBVs) to hunt you down, so they can shoot you with deadly radiation.

These vans, that look innocuous enough, are carriers of radiation-death-machines that take no quarter, while they are driven through out our neighborhoods radiating pets, children, women, and men, alike, while they are in the privacy of their own homes.

These ZBVs also drive through city streets, irradiating other vehicles, and passengers, with strong enough radiation to penetrate steel and destroy the cells of human bodies, all on the flimsy pretense of protecting us from terrorists, who may be carrying bombs or drugs in their vehicles.

But who will protect us from the terrorists in our own government, who are so wantonly radiating us onto death?

It is truly amazing how much cruelty is afoot in our criminally insane world; however, the ruling financial oligarchs – who are causing this growing lunacy – are merely symptomatic of our collective spiritual state of being.

Until we develop more empathy for our fellow man, we’ll continue to suffer at the hands of the criminally insane.

And, if you are like me, it’s beginning to appear obvious that some power has far more interest in damaging our DNA, than keeping us safe from terrorists.

J. Speer-Williams

Stux redux

Just a thought:

The Web Bots have had a string of correct predictions lately:  “A year’s worth of rain in a few hours or days”, assassinations and suicides, and perhaps Stuxnet is the “Israeli Mistake”.  Strongly suggest making hard copies of everything you really need off the Web.  Remember some info awhile back that said there were a bunch of put calls on tech stocks of a certain type?  Maybe a month ago? The writer felt these were reminiscent of the shorting of airline stocks before 9/11 and the shorting/selling of BP stocks before the Gulf disaster.  They speculated that the next major attack would be cyber.  Now we have Stuxnet taking down Iran’s reactor, purportedly wreaking havoc now in China with the Web Bots November tipping point fast approaching.  Stuxnet reportedly targets the German-made Siemens industrial computer control modules.  Perhaps Stuxnet is headed here next and could wreak a little havoc with our grid control systems.  Remember the 2003 East Coast blackout that started in Cleveland?  I’m getting some paper and ink cartridges…which I should have done a long time ago.


Clif High’s Heads Up

Listen to his interview with George Noory from July 26, 2010.

Liver Cleanse/Support Basics

GB is for gall bladder.  There are many different liver cleanses out there.  More to be added as we go along.  The basic, most effective one I’ve used is the Hulda Clark liver/gallbladder “flush”.  More coming on that!

Although I’ve never tried it, I’ve heard a number of folks say that taking a product called A-F Betafood, made by Standard Process, is very effective for helping those with GB issues:

There are also several herbs that are associated with helping to cleanse and improve the function of the liver and/or gall bladder:

Dandelion root:

Milk thistle:

Chanca piedra (aka “stone breaker”)

Burdock root:

Using castor oil packs over the liver, drinking hydrated bentonite clay, taking coffee enemas and drinking freshly juiced beets are some other gentler approaches to liver/GB cleansing.

The Dark Star Theory

Well, here we go, heard from another corner of the solar system:  the brown dwarf theory.  I’ve read this before in many other places.  Some call it Planet X, Nibiru and/or the dreaded Wormwood from Revelations.  What makes this theory even plausible is that most mainstream references (like NASA, Hubble, etc.) have been removed from the Internet.  I do remember reading about the erratic orbit of a “new planet” many, many years ago, otherwise this article wouldn’t be here.